Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The vet visit!

Today I went to the vet.  It was fun!  I got to ride in a car again and we went to this place with lots of friendly people.  There were some other animals there too and I was excited to see them.  Everybody thought I was such a pretty dog!  The doctor looked at me and gave me some shots.  I didn't even cry because I'm a tough little guy.  The people at the vet told me I am 56 pounds and about a year old!  The doctor told me that I was a "healthy pet!" and gave me an "excellent" prognosis!  And the nice lady at the vet gave me a rawhide.  I like her a lot!  

I've heard that I'm going back to the vet tomorrow to be fixed, but I don't know what that means.  I mean what would need to be fixed if I have an excellent prognosis?  Hmm.... well, I guess I'll let you know tomorrow.  

Remember, email me if you are interested in bringing me into your family or have any questions: email here

Oh, and here's my report card from the vet: