Saturday, December 24, 2011

100th post!!!!! MERRY MOOSEMAS

IT'S MY 100th POST!!!!

what better way to commemorate my 100th post than with a Merry Moosemas tale!

Twas the Night Before Moosemas

Twas the night before Moosemas, and all through the house
Little Moosie was snoring, not at all like a mouse.
The Kong was stowed in the box with care,
With no more peanut butter hiding in there.

The tuffie toys sat all defluffed by the fire,
And stirred they did not, no squeakers to inspire.
Overhead of the mantle, no stockings were hung,
Little Moosie had hid them all in a place far-flung.

Away in the houses of the neighboring dogs,
Little Chihuahuas and Labradors slept like logs.
And Moosie's Dad was also asleep in the bed,
Drowning out Moose snores with a pillow on the head.

Then out in the yard there was quite a big noise!
Moose jumped up from the bed and lost all his poise!
To the window he jumped with his tail all a'waggin,
And his ears all perked up, certainly not sagging!

Moosie scanned for the source of the noise in the yard,
He strained his Moosie eyes looking very hard.
Then in the distance he did see quite a scene -
A sleigh being pulled by reindeers so lean.

And in the sleigh a jolly man in red and white,
Moosie knew at once this wasn't an ordinary night!
What did this man in the sleigh come bringing?
Moosie asked him with his operatic signing!

Instead the man responded to the reindeer and said,
"Let's bring treats to little doggies while they sleep in their bed!"
"For Poodles and Terriers dressed in stripes like candy canes,
For Pitties and Hounds and big tall Great Danes!"

Soon the sleigh flew up high out of sight,
Little Moosie looked around in the bright moonlight.
And then saw he something quite so peculiar,
The man jumped down chimneys into house's interior!

Then wouldn't you know it, the reindeer and all,
Came flying toward Moosie's roof, up so high and tall.
Could it be that the man in the sleigh was above?
Was he bringing Moosie treats that Moosie would love?

The rooftop was soon scampering with hoofed feet,
And a man jumped toward the chimney straight from his seat.
Leaving the sleigh with a bag on his shoulder, 
He shot down the chimney like a fast falling boulder!

Emerge in the fireplace he did with a crash!
His red and white suit now covered in ash!
But with a little dusting and brushing he picked himself up,
Moosie looked on with excitement like a happy little pup!

Moose thought and puzzled about his visitor in red,
Had he come to give treats or scratch Moosie's head?
Perhaps he was a robber disregarding the laws,
Or was this the one and only Mr. Santy Paws!? 

Moosie looked around and listened and sniffed with his nose,
He smelled something delicious, but not the smell of a rose.
Instead he found his nose quite a flutter,
It was Santy Paws and he brought peanut butter!

The peanut butter was placed in Moose's crate by Santy Paws,
While Moosie looked on drool forming at his jaws.
And as quickly as he came, he left with a flash!
Up the chimney he went, he made it out in a dash.

One last glimpse of Santy Paws as he flew above ground,
Moosie listened carefully to every last sound,
And clear as could be, Santy Paws said in the moonlight,
"Merry Moosemas to all, and to all a good night!"


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

old picture of itchy moose

when i first came off the streets, i had lots of fleas!  i had medicine to take care of that pretty quickly, but i still got itches on occasion.  look at this picture of me with my foster brother and sister - i had a vicious itch!

first my ear:

then my leg!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

old video of walking a moose

here's a cute video of me walking around my old neighborhood.  even back then i was good on a leash!

Friday, December 9, 2011

not so skinny now

here's an old picture of me, only a day or so after i was rescued off the street... 

and compare that to the picture of me at my forever home; i'm not skin and bones anymore:

and i'm very happy!

Monday, December 5, 2011

vintage moose: moose with a sheep

i was sorting through my old pictures and dug up some pictures that were pretty darn cute.  when i got "fixed" i had to wear a cone on my head!  i looked like a big flashlight bobbling around.  these are some pictures of me playing with a stuffed sheep:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

one year vet check up

as you know, i've been off the streets for over a year now.  and when i was first rescued off the street i went to the vet.  back then i had hook worms, a broken tooth, i was skinny, and i needed to be fixed!  well guess what?  one year later, i'm about ten pounds heavier and back to the same vet for my check up.  i did really well at the vet - not scared at all.  here are some pictures from my appointment.

Moose is welcomed at the vet!!

checking out the facilities: 

good little patient: