Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas The Night Before Moosemas (part ii)

It's that time of year again!  (click here if you missed last year...)

Twas the Night Before Moosemas

Twas the night before Moosemas, and all through the house
Little Moosie was resting wearing a collar - no blouse.
The Tuffie Toys had all their squeakers taken out, 
No squeaky tumors in the toys - to that there was no doubt!

Moose tried as he did to drift off to sleep
He lay curled in a ball, his excitement he could barely keep.
His pretty new stocking made by Grandma hung proud,
Hoping that Moose would get all he was allowed.

The big dog next door was asleep already,
and the Chihuahua that barks lay sleeping in his beddy.
In fact in the house everybody was asleep,
Moose just caught glimpses - through his eyes he did peep.

As he peeped with his eyes that were not quite tight shut,
He heard a strange noise up over the hut!
So out of his warm snuggly bed he jumped quickly,
Avoiding the plants by the window that are prickly.

Adjusting his eyes to the moonlight outside,
Moose looked around to see if his ears they did lie.
And just when he thought that he had heard things in dreams,
Something caught his eye - a sleigh with a reindeer team?

And then that little glimmer out there in the sky,
Started coming Moose's way from up way up high!
Now Moosie saw distinctly red and the white,
And the reindeer team, now clear in the night.

Listening close, Moose heard a great sound,
It was Santy Paws - you know - Old Saint Nick the Hound!
"I bring treats to animals, the big and the small,
For kitties and doggies, to you I do call!"

Moose lost sight of the sleigh as it flew to and fro 
But jingle bells he heard, or at least he thought so.
Then up on the roof he heard perhaps hooves!
Was Santy Paws here with his magical moves?

A rustle, a bustle, a jingle, a jangle.
Moose listened intently - one ear up, one ear dangled.
Then the drop of two feet, not the same as the others
It would be Santy Paws if Moose was left to his druthers!

Then there was a great whoosh but there was no crash!
And over by the fireplace a small cloud of ash.
From out of the cloud Moose saw red and white,
Santy Paws had come!  Oh what a special night!

Moose tried to watch from around the corner far away,
But what exactly he saw was really hard to say.
Glimmers of red, a flash of a smile,
What he saw clearly though, were gifts left in a pile!

And just when Moose had the courage built up,
He went around the corner to see the St. Nick for pups.
Instead Moose observed not Santy Paws at all,
Just a poof at the fireplace, and streak of red he saw.

The moment had passed but the magic remained,
The whole experience left so many things unexplained!
How did Santy Paws move around with such ease
And drop off the presents that he knew would so please?

Who were those reindeer that were now waiting up above?
Where did they learn to fly like a dove?
And how did Santy Paws know just what Moose would need?
No time to answer - to the presents Moose had to proceed.

A new bed for Moose had been left with a treat,
But to the window Moose rushed for one final greet.
He saw Santy Paws fly off like a kite,
Saying, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"


Sunday, February 26, 2012

tuffie cube!

Oh boy, oh boy!  It's time for yet another tuffie toy!  This one is named Mr. Q. B. Toy.  He's got a toughness rating of 10!!!  Here I am waiting for my toy:  

Oh my!  It's quite difficult to get my teeth around!

so happy with my new toy:

I haven't been able to defluff it.....yet....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

saddle blanket?

I think someone was trying to saddle me up for a ride with my favorite blanket!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

tennis dog!

You've seen my incredible tennis skills before:, but I wanted to let you know, I haven't been letting my skills slip!

regulation squeakable ball!

you lookin' at me?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

delicious rawhide

I'm such a spoiled dog!  Just over a year ago, I was living off of bone scraps on the street - now I'm living the comfy life and I get rawhide bones as treats:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Alien Tuffie Toy!

As a special treat, I got a new tuffie toy.  Her name is Allie, the alien!  Here she is brand new:

gently I examine her:

let the operation commence!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

back visiting the vet

I was back visiting the vet for a quick booster shot.  Guess what?  I was well behaved as ever - look how calm and relaxed I am!