Wednesday, November 10, 2010

getting fixed...

I went to the vet again today.  There were lots of nice people again, but this visit was different.  They said I was getting fixed.  I don't know why they call it getting fixed because I don't feel like anything was fixed.  In fact, my boy parts feel quite different now.  They shaved a little spot on my arm too.  I've been relaxing at home now.  Everybody is so nice at the vet.  They all tell me I'm a cute little guy.  In addition to getting fixed, I got a microchip put in me!  I'm a robot dog now!  I also got some medicine so that I'll be all healthy from my days on the street.

Oh, and my daddy told me to tell everyone that I stayed in my crate all day yesterday and was such a good boy.  We also went on a walk yesterday and I didn't even pull on the leash much at all.  It's fun to walk around a neighborhood that has grass!

Remember, email me if you are interested in bringing me into your family or have any questions: email here

Here's some more pictures of me from today!

These are my brother and sister.  We're getting along much better now, but I still am looking for that little gray cat!
Look how handsome I am! 
All the other street dogs would be jealous of me now! 
I think I'll rest for a bit to recover from my day at the vet