Saturday, March 12, 2011

A new chapter in my life...

I have some great news!  I found a new forever home!  It was just over four months ago that I was a scared skinny dog, full of worms on the street.  I've made so much progress in those four months - I've learned how to be a good boy, learned that there are good people out there that want to help me, and I've learned to be a carefree dog again.  While my adjustment from the street isn't entirely done, I really am a brand new dog.  And now, I have a loving home to call my own forever!

I want to thank everybody that has helped me along my journey.  Those who have rooted for me and supported me knew the true dog I could blossom into.  I wish that all dogs that have a rough start to their lives like I did, could get a second chance.  

Here are a bunch of pictures of me for you to remember me with.  Thank you all for you help and support!

adorable me with my over-sized ball:

look how handsome I am:

my adorable face:

little known fact, I was responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs!

happy dog!

thank you everyone, wish me luck!